If you have mobile handsets and want to make calls from and to your PABX / Office for free then Mobex is your answer, with this tool your mobile handset becomes your extension of your office, providing a further saving
on your business telecoms.

The OfficeServ Mobex feature is now available on all Officeserv 7000 series systems, subject to the hardware requirements listed in this document. Please ensure that you have the latest version software on your Samsung PABX to take full advantage of the Mobex feature.

Mobility is more about connectivity, being in contact, than it is about moving around on the phone. In today’s competitive business environment being properly ‘connected’ is more important than it’s ever been. Having the right information, being up to date with the facts and speaking to people when it matters makes all the difference. Old info is the wrong info and returning calls when it’s too late is pointless. Samsung Unified Communication solutions really deliver in bringing people and their methods of communication together and in contact with each other. Introduced in the OfficeServ v4.30 software release for the OfficeServ 7000 series of systems, the OfficeServ Mobex application provides for improved connectivity in your working life. In summary, the OfficeServ Mobex application enables you to set a personal virtual ring group of up to 5 alternative numbers (mobile phone, home office, alternate office, workshop, etc.) which will simultaneously ring when you are away from your main phone. You will always remain in contact, and will never miss that important call again.

The Mobex application allows you to make and receive calls from your mobile device through the OfficeServ 7000 System as if you were at your desk. Managing calls through the system allows you to maintain the central benefits of call control, operator console, voice mail, call recording, etc. The Key in all this is that contacts can reach you via one single number.

The Samsung OfficeServ Mobex application is delivered in two variants – Standard and Executive.

Standard functionality is supplied with OfficeServ 4.30 software out of the box and is supplied free of charge to users. A standard user can link his mobile device with his desk phone and will receive a call on his mobile, whenever his desk phone rings. The call can then be answered on either the Mobile or the desk phone.

Executive functionality allows a mobile device to receive a Mobex call in the same way as a standard user, but Executive users can also use system features such as Call transfer, Conference and many more from their mobile device, making the mobile device a true extension of the PABX. Executive users can also dial into the system, and use the system to provide additional features such as Paging, Account codes and a host of other system functions.

A full list of Mobex feature is shown on the following pages. Executive user functionality requires that the system be “listening” to the call at all times to detect the digits sent from the mobile device. This functionality is standard on the Smaller (OS7030, OS7070 and OS7100) systems but requires an additional Hardware card (OAS card) on the larger systems, (OS7200 and OS7400.) The executive function also requires that the Mobex call is made via an ISDN or SIP line. (Note: Analogue PSTN lines are not supported, but an ISDN GSM dialler unit can be used).

Introduced with the new OfficeServ v4.60 software, the Mobex Callback feature allows Mobex users to call their office from a mobile phone; after the PABX recognizes the number and disconnects the incoming call, an automatic callback is made from the office at no cost to the mobile phone user.