This article describes the key points for POPI/GDPR compliance of WeltelUMA’s Free SIP service operated on domains and and this website

For the purpose of providing the service, Weltel Telecoms’ servers are constantly receiving, processing, and expediting data from users. It includes:

Voice and video streams when direct communication cannot be established due to network configuration.
Chat messages and their associated auxiliary information (delivery notification, composing indication). They may be stored in RAM up to one week until their complete delivery to their destination.
File attachments (sent together with chat messages). They are stored anonymously on disk up to one month.
Phone numbers of user’s mobile phone address book, for the purpose of identifying address members that are subscribed to the service, in order to facilitate communications between users. These phone numbers are only stored in RAM.

When you register to WeltelUMA newsletter or contact Weltel Telecoms’ team, by email or via the online contact form, the information that you provide is electronically stored in order to process your request. This information may also be used by the sales and marketing department of Weltel Telecoms only, in accordance with POPI/GDPR’s data processing standards.

In the purpose of providing the Free SIP service, some user data is collected. It is dived in several sets:

User subscription data:

Email address
IP address used while subscribing
User’s password stored as a MD5 or SHA256 hash, used for SIP digest authentication.
User’s international phone number, for users subscribing from the mobile application.
User-agent used for subscription: it can be the browser’s user-agent string, or the WeltelUMA app user-agent string. The user-agent string of mobile apps includes an identifier of the device, for example “Moto G7”, “Samsung SM518”, “Apple Ipad 2”, which is used to allow users to easily track the devices on which they have used their SIP account.
User activity data:

Calls logs. They comprise: caller’s SIP address, callee’s SIP address, date, time, status (completed or not), duration.
Chat message logs: sender’s SIP address, recipient’s SIP address, date, time, status (delivered or not), type (content or delivery notification). For clarity, the actual content is not stored.
Registration logs: these logs represent the instants when a user apps connects to the service through the network. They contain: date, time, status, IP address.

Group chat activity data:

For the purpose of providing group chat and secure one to one chat, some informations are stored in database:

User’s membership to group chat and secure one to one chatrooms, including user’s device identification (thanks to user-agent string) actually joined to the IM session. It also contains date and time where the user has join or left a chatroom.
Subject entered by the user while creating a group chat.
Debug logs:

For the sole purpose of troubleshooting, Weltel Telecoms reserves the right to activate the debug logs for the software used to provide the service. Such debug logs contain full protocol information for the calls, chat messages and other protocol events generated by the users.

Weltel Telecoms runs the Free SIP service on machines hosted by Teraco, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The machines are secured, only Weltel Telecoms workers are entitled to login.

When ZRTP option is activated in WeltelUMA application voice and video packets are end to end encrypted. When secure chatrooms are used by users, chat messages are also end-to-end encrypted.

End to end encryption means that this content cannot be read even to somebody having control on the machines used to provide the service.

The WeltelUMA applications connect to the service over TLS 1.2, unless configuration is expressly changed by the user.

Users can delete their account at any time, which automatically erases the “User subscription data” from the database.

For other kinds of data, users are invited to contact Weltel Telecoms through web site to request their deletion.

User subscription data:

It never expires, and is kept until the user decides to delete its account.

User activity data:

It is automatically deleted 12 months after being recorded.

Group chat activity data:

It is kept as long as the chat session (chatroom) is alive, ie there is still a user device joined to the chatroom. When all devices from all users have left a chatroom, all data associated to the chatroom is suppressed.

Debug logs:

Debug logs are automatically erased after 1 month.

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information, or all type of content that you may upload or send with WeltelUMA (e.g. text conversations, calls, videos, photos; etc.).

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